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Janet McGhee

Founder of Angels for Africa & Angels Cove

There is something very special about Angels and Africa. if you look at the map of the world you will notice that Africa is the only continent shaped like a wing. If you open up Africa you get a pair of wings! (See photo below) Furthermore, if you look closely you will see the shape of a heart. Hence our mission statement – ‘Angels talk to the world through the heart of Africa’!


My name is Janet McGhee and I have the honour and privilege of running Angels Cove, an angelic association. I have been working on a conscious level with angels for the past eleven years.  After the sudden passing of my mother eleven years ago, the brightest star stared at me from a beautiful pale blue sky when I opened my window on the morning of her funeral.  That star spoke to me and I knew instinctively that my mother was fine! This was the beginning of my journey with the angels and what a journey it has been.


Ever since I was a little girl it has been a dream of mine to make a difference somehow to the world. Angels Cove has given me this opportunity and over the years Angels Cove has developed and grown into Angels for Africa. Angels for Africa is a collective angelic association which is an initiative designed to help many people make the positive difference. I have been dreaming about this since I was a little girl to make my dream come true.  I believe the angelic realms have been specifically created to help guide and heal the planet and ALL its inhabitants BUT they need their human counterpart’s participation – the powerful union of the angelic and human forces.


The Angels for Africa “Angels” term themselves as Angelic Ambassadors working closely with the Angelic realms to make the world a better place for ALL its inhabitants. I believe this is the key to a prosperous life for ALL!  

Janet McGhee

Angelic Ambassador


To subscribe to my database & very popular Monday Morning  Angel Magic Inspirational message. please email angelscove@rnet.co.za


Text Box: Text Box: Africa is the only continent that is shaped like a wing. Open up Africa to get a pair of wings and a heart

Daily Collective Candle Ritual




I have adapted the first collective "Angels for Africa" healing exercise as suggested by Sylvia Browne in her book, “Mystical Traveller”.


At 9pm every evening either light a candle (dedicate a specific candle for this purpose which can be re-lit each evening) or a stick of incense and recite the following out loud or to yourself:


"Together we send out our special energy to help our people and our country to SHINE as bright as the brightest star. Within this energy we  offer support, hope, inspiration, nurturing / nourishment & encouragement to ALL in order to make our country and the world a better place.”


If you are not at home, recite the above wherever you are at 9pm. You might forget in the beginning but I am sure it will become a habit sooner or later. 


I have chosen 9pm as 9 symbolises the humanitarian - the cosmic mother - universal consciousness - universal compassion



Angels for Africa - "Where Earth Angels Unite"

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Angels for Africa -Golden Angels



The wellbeing and upliftment of the aged has always been something very close to my heart. I believe that the aged are always the last to be remembered in life and when you think about it ,if it wasn’t for the aged we would not be here.

Let us take some time out of our busy schedules and make a positive difference in their lives – they deserve it! 


Janet McGhee – Angels Cove – Angels for Africa